Thursday, January 18, 2018

jan 2018 so far synopsys

improved on family end ph numbers collected; chinna;
whatsapp  sankranti gif and related knowledge;
Some ph numbers retrieved and saved to new mobile;
Supported home;
Mobile lost and lucklily got back;
whatsapp groups;
Readback blogs;
Practcing good will;jan issue came out;
trouble at home whatsapp solved dont use bad language;
many calenders collected;
 Conference calls knowledge by satish;
ads got for net issue;
sugar checking strips;
sarada sarees;
hair color;
R book tieup;
edited Nt ph number;

Prime property for lease or Rent in Tirupati

Prime property for lease or Rent in Tirupati

Building ready for lease or rent 45x180  with 4 floors situated at Old Tiruchanoor road nearest to APSRTC and bus  Railway station  suitable for Hospitals, Lodges, IT companies Colleges, or hostels  or any other commerical purpoose  Contact 93939 29311

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

14th jan 2018 ; wedday;

16th Jan; 2018; Monday;
Bhagyamma Vadina called; saved ph numbers again; kanuma panduga day;
Saved numbers of leftover on hand; whatsapp messages continued; Over reaction by gta night;
Called sunetha and had chat with mama;Seen Spider movie;

15th Jan;  tuesday;
Gtas Chinnanna left; scanned 3 dailies; Known new knowledge on whatsapp broadcast; read Niel patel tips on blog writing;
2 step verifation ads reqd now; PROSPERO group is new thing for the day;

17th jan 2018; wedday

To renigunta trip failed but finally met PSR and got one classified; Evening met Prasad studio guy and known few things; Morning had interaction with Koti at office on whatsapp promotions; stomach trouble in night; emotional outburst on dance programme; Called bhavya coaching;


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